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Greenleaf Farms™ GREEN ICE™ 1000mg Muscle Gel


Greenleaf Farm’s GREEN ICE™ Muscle Gel Roll-On is a therapeutic strength roll-on solution. Infused with 1000mg of Hemp, this Muscle Gel Roll-On is a no-mess roll-on, easy to apply & quick-absorbing!


Greenleaf Farms™ GLF 300 CBD Tincture


CBD Tincture GLF-300 is recommended for healthy individuals as a daily addition to your normal healthy regimens take as needed.


Greenleaf Farms™ GLF 600 CBD Tincture


CBD Tincture GLF-600 tincture created for individuals that need a little bit more, each dropper gives you 20 milligrams of mother nature’s Best Hemp oil.


Greenleaf Farms™ GLF 750 CBD Soft gel


CBD Soft gel GLF-750  each soft gel gives you 25 milligrams of mother nature’s best CBD oil In a convenient and easy to swallow CBD soft gel.


Greenleaf Farms™ K9-600


K9-600 CBD Oil is a perfect addition to you’re pets daily regimen.

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